Adolph Link, son of an Austrian bench jeweler, came to New York City in 1900. Having apprenticed for three years with contracted manufacturing jewelers of Van Cleef, Harry Winston & Tiffany, in 1904 he formed his own company, ALink.
His creations, a combination of Viennese artistry and designs influenced by his assimilation into the heart of his adopted country, America.
A marriage of European virtuosity with the imagination of its most vibrant of cities, New York. Working with diamonds & platinum, he created necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings showing the inherent beauty of earth’s most precious of minerals, using as little metal as possible. Believing less is more.
One, a hand-made, pulled wire gold straight line diamond bracelet and afterwards a matching ring & earring.

He was prescient.
Seven decades later they had names.
A Diamond Tennis Bracelet.
Hoop Earrings.
An Eternity Wedding Band.

By 1970, machines had been invented to polish diamonds to the most exacting of standards.
Distinctly unique, extraordinary made, maximizing a diamond’s weight by specifying the depths & table which create the greatest luminosity, these diamonds were special.

“60/60”’s - Stones with table sizes of 58.0%-60.0% & depths of 60.0%-61.7%. Each stone graded at least a TRIPLE Very Good or better.
The most beautifully made diamonds in the world.
Diamonds which radiate maximum scintillation.

The only diamonds, RESPONSIBLY SOURCED, found in ALink’s jewelry.

Adolph Link

Our jewelry is an interpretation of the Look, the Beauty and the Spirit of a cosmopolitan lady of TODAY and her desire to don some “SPARKLE,” either every day or those special occasions. An accent at times going subtlety unnoticed or one whose appearance is overwhelmingly spectacular.

For 114 years, ALink has strived to create jewelry which has the relevance’s, the style & the grace of a city.
Jewelry which reflects the heritage of its roots and the excitement of the grandeur of NEW YORK CITY.

Jeffrey Link
President, ALink